The best white water rafting in Honduras can be done at the Cangrejal River, which is right outside your door at Casa de Eden.  With Class II, III and IV rapids, Rio Cangrejal is one of the prime white water rafting locations in the world!  Vibrant green shores, exquisite birdlife, Pico Bonito National Park the left bank of the river and Nombre de Dios National Park on the right bank, you are guaranteed a once in a lifetime experience. No previous experience is necessary.  Expert guides, life vests, helmets, and oars are provided.

A nine cable zip line tour is located on the banks of the Rio Cangrejal and is within walking distance from Casa de Eden.  It is in the Pico Bonito National Park's cloud forest and is aided by knowledgeable guides who give you insight into jungle life and the local animals.  This thrilling adventure allows you to glide through the treetops of the jungle with a birds-eye view of the tropical rainforest.  Your tour company will provide you with a helmet and all the safety equipment you will need. 


There also is another 13 cable zip lining tour located not far in Sambo Creek.  If you are interested in this tour we can certainly arrange for a driver to take you there.  Both are experiences you will never forget!



Pico Bonito National Park is one of the largest national parks in Central America.  Pico Bonito probably offers the most bio-diverse geographical area in North America, due to the rugged area within this park. Habitats ranging from sea level mangroves to tropical cloud forests, with tropical rain forests and tropical dry forests are all within its boundaries.  The Cangrejal River Visitor’s Center is walking distance from Casa de Eden where visitors can access the park on an incredible suspension bridge overlooking the Cangrejal River.  A well-kept trail leads into the forest to the lovely El Bejuco waterfall (which you can see from Casa de Eden). The round trip trail will take about 3 ½ hours to the waterfall and back.  Local guides can be arranged for your hike into Pico Bonito if you prefer local expertise on the lush surroundings, myriad of bird species, and fascinating wildlife. 


A local guide will take you through Jungle villages, El Naranjo & Las Mangas, located between two national parks.  Along the way, we will stop where you can take a cooling swim in a spectacular natural pool or enjoy a nature picnic.  After, a well-trained nature guide from the village will take you on a small hike pointing out many native plants, trees, and animals.    This is a unique way to explore nature in the gorgeous Cangrejal River valley and get to know the local culture. 


The mountain biking tour allows you to experience spectacular views of the Cangrejal River Valley and Pico Bonito National Park.  You will begin by taking a 4x4 ride up the mountain and bike through many local villages experiencing the culture of these friendly locals. 

Located in the Nombre de Dios National Park, just outside the Garífuna community of Sambo Creek. This canopy tour offers the unique combination of a 14 cable zip line experience with views of the Caribbean, including Cayos Cochinos, and a lovely setting of hot springs in a tropical jungle! The hot springs mix with a cold water mountain spring, resulting in small waterfalls and pools with perfect hot water to relax in alter the exhilarating ride down the zip lines! You can do both the zip line and the hot springs or only one or the other! From Casa de Eden to Sambo Creek is approximately 40 minutes.


On a clear day, you can see Cayos Cochinos which are visible to the northeast of La Ceiba.  The Cayos are made up of two islands as well as a series of smaller keys.  Cayos Cochinos is National Marine Park in Honduras and is protected by law.  There is a very nice dive resort, called Plantation Beach Resort located on the islands.  To begin your trip we arrange for a driver to take you to Sambo Creek where you will board a small boat or Panga for the 1 hour trip to the Cayos.  Once there you will receive instruction from the park ranger on how to treat the area properly where your Captain will give you your equipment for snorkeling.  On the way home, he will give you a tour around the islands and back to Sambo Creek.

The Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge is located about 25 kilometers outside of town and is one of the most protected areas in Honduras.  Travel time from Casa de Eden to La Union, where you board the small train into the refuge will take you about 50 minutes. From La Union, the train ride will take you about 30 additional minutes to get to the seaside community of Salado Barro.  You will see the lagoon, mangrove canals, and beaches in this protected area, known for the manatees that inhabit the reserve. Other wildlife that you will see includes many different coastal birds, as well as reptiles such as alligators and crocodiles.


Lancetilla Botanical Garden is located only 1-½ miles from the city of Tela and is one of the largest tropical botanical gardens in the world. It was established in 1926 by the United Fruit Company as an experimental garden to identify different species of fruit and hardwood trees that could be of economical interest to the company. Under the direct supervision of Dr. William Popenoe, the area quickly grew to be one of the largest tropical botanical gardens in the world, and is currently is the second largest of its kind in the world, and the largest in the Americas. The gardens were turned over to the government of Honduras in 1974, when the state of Honduras actually took possession of the banana company railroad, the Lancetilla Gardens, the area that is now the Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge, and many other important assets.

Some of the most beautiful & relaxing coastlines in the world is located minutes from Casa de Eden!  We can arrange a driver to take you for a day trip to enjoy the sun, food, and festivities at the beaches of La Ceiba.